Winter is here! And so is the Pain…


Just talked with my mum last night and yes! my family now has our plans firmed up. We now know “who” will be “where” this Christmas.
As per the norm… we’ll be off to Victoria to hang out with family and friends:)  But, this year we’ll also be hosting a Xmas dinner at our house (the weekend before). 

I already want to throw everything out of the house so we’ll all fit.

I do that anyways at Xmas, just clear everything out!  I have to fit in the Christmas tree, the candles and all the cozy warm blankets;  not to mention the lights and decorations too.  Any extra piece of furniture gets relegated to the garage…  My neighbours think I’m crazy as I cart it all outside! I’m gaining control! CONTROL CONTROL, never mind my kids will all be hoarders to compensate for their mother!

So, Winter is here and with the change in season comes my pain.  I don’t know of it’s just the weather but it’s definitely cyclical.  With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays approaching, the functions and social engagements starting… take a moment for yourself and BREATHE! It’s only November.

Distraction, pick one goal towards healthier living and reach it! It won’t make your illness disappear, but might help you keep moving forward (always better than consistently backwards!) 


BREATHE FRESH AIR if possible, get outside every day! Oxygenate, rejuvenate and strengthen your mind.  Its the mind that determines how we interpret our pain and there are two processes it will use. The first will determine where the pain is, how intense, and what type (ie ): is it sharp, drilling, burning or an ‘un relentless’ ache.

The second will determine the emotion that goes along with it.  It gives us an idea how we’ll cope. “Owwww! that bloody well hurts”, “I can’t do this, how long is this going to last, I’m scared, is it truly this horrible for everyone?”.

The good thing is… research shows our pain is minimized with positive feelings — like when our tanks and minds are full of connectedness and belonging; and we are feeling content, brave and supported.  But, negative feelings will have the opposite effect. I’m so sick, I’m ill, this isn’t getting any better, nobody understands and now all I can think about is the other shit that can go down! Yes it really, suck’s!


DISTRACTION insert Nature every day, you will be surprised how it helps you keep your life together, just stops it from falling apart.  The change in environment from indoors to out is better than a rest.  We’ve all heard the stories of adrenalin fuelled happenings where someone is injured and they don’t recognize the pain of injury at the time.  It’s not until later, when the distraction has passed that the pain hits.  Utilize this!  there are other things to focus on besides our disease.  Maybe even “forget about it” for a while.  That would be toooooo nice!

Give yourself a cognitive break by walking amongst the trees, head down to the water, or just take a stroll around the block. Take photographs while your out and about and view your life through a different lens. Improve your mental health and fill that empty tank.


FOCUS ON BEING HEALTHIER  every day  you can reframe your life ( I dislike that word) it sometimes sounds so disingenuous.   Our life is not all about being sick and needing other people to understand.  Give YOURSELF the control, not them. Take charge! Take a moment to think about what being healthy means to YOU.  I decided I needed to actually eat my recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables each day. Not just think about it, or buy it and put it in my fridge! My goal was to eat three different servings of veggies at dinner.  I can tell you… I had to concentrate and plan for that one.  But, it was a simple goal to meet and I did it.   This month I will be striving to add 2 vegan dinners to our weekly meal plan.  For me this goal is two-fold:  it will save us money on meat but ultimately lessen my stress. That adds up to more health for me 🙂


SHUT OFF THE DEVICES,  ESCAPE! we’re all guilty of it, its easy to get caught up in the ‘busyness’  that is our lives.  That’s how we roll!  Do not take your phone to bed with you, charge it in the kitchen or any other room overnight.  FB, Instagram and the rest of your social media can wait until morning.  Stay off the support forums tonight, the last thoughts before sleep should NOT be focused on your illness. That just ain’t beneficial.

Research spouts about our kids and the negative impact of screens daily, this applies to us too.  We all stare at screens too long!  I just had to get up from my chair and lay on the couch because my butt was killing me! Screens are sedentary.

Once you’ve achieved the first step of withdrawal, you may choose to make lunchtime a screen free break too.   For us addicts we’d still have coffee time to stay connected.

FIND A NEW INTEREST,  LEARN SOMETHING    perhaps photography, while exploring outside and taking photos.  Whether you are walking around the block in your local neighbourhood or the ‘hood’ that surrounds your work;  hone your skills at picture taking.  Learn everything you can about it.  Find something new that interests you (not just for the sake of it, that won’t last a minute).  Start a wellness blog, learn to be a chef extraordinaire, garden and grow all your own food or maybe you’ll only be able to add a few carrots from your garden to dinner like me!  Learn all the local hikes you haven’t discovered. Reduce your carbon footprint. Research the ins and out of grounding.

But, you can’t choose learning more about your disease 🙂  we do that… enough already!


Our bodies and minds want to be healthier give it a chance, and pick one!

I’m interested to hear and share what you’ve come up with, let me know in the comments so everyone can benefit 🙂


Increased pain and your cycle

You made it to late afternoon and you’re crabby, you want to “rip everyone’s head off”. You are feeling irrational and your are NOT a nice person to be around. Suddenly it dawns on you…
You are really sore!
This isn’t normal for you, if this is how it’s gonna be, you are NOT gonna cope! You start searching online… “What causes a flare?” “How do I deal with the pain?”


I feel this way almost every month… By the evening my pain is a 6 out of 10. I start feeling like I can’t do this! How am I going to look after my family, how am I going be a partner to my husband, how am I going to get out of bed and have a shower! I do manage to get through the evening whether I want to or not. Panicking just a bit, usually more than a bit with more than a touch of irrationality. I feel like I’m going to die! With the help of a warm bath, some Tylenol, NSAIDS and a hot pack, maybe even a walk around the block and then usually a less than stellar sleep. I figure it all out in the morning. I was in the premenstrual part of my cycle.

It’s a thing!!! You are not going crazy 😜 you really are having more pain than usual and now that I’ve seen it happen over and over it saves me a lot of ANGST! Angst leads to stress, stress leads to more pain, and it’s just a never ending vicious circle. Knowing this doesn’t take my pain away but it gives me an end to my misery… If I know it’s going to end, I can tell myself it’s only a blip. I can manage. I don’t know if this is a thing for you, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’m interested to hear what you guys have figured out. Some of us are more in tune with our bodies (not me, in my constant state of denial) than others. Let me know I’d love to hear!!

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