Feeling Judged? How to Deal…

First decide,  are they judging us or are we feeling judged there’s a difference!  I don’t always remember these things…  It hurts me too, but on the good days I can.  On the days I have the strength 🙂 You got this!


Judgers can be truly ignorant people.

Take their power away     realize sometimes…. those judgers are not that smart and don’t know diddly squat!

They feel awkward and don’t really know what to say

They tried to say something, it just came out wrong    Give them kudos for trying,  at least they tried.  Many people can’t even bring themselves to do that.  It’s not easy knowing what to say.

Deep down they’re worried about being judged themselves   Maybe their self worth comes from ‘doing things” too.   Perhaps they were raised with this belief.  I’m willing to bet their recognition and self worth is gained from doing these ‘things’ and they have their own insecurities.  They are fearful and afraid.  The ‘doing things’ is ingrained in me too and I’m working on it!

Turn it around  ARE THEY  scared  to go through what you’re going through?  We should give people the benefit of the doubt (a few times).  But, you do not deserve to be treated this way.  If it continues…   remove yourself, do not play the victim,  you have the power to change how they treat you. Don’t just sit there 🙂

Some people just suck!   Yes they do.  Some people will see you’re weaknesses and know how to wound you where it hurts the most. They’re just born that way, don’t waste your precious energy on them, save it for you.

When we’re struggling it stings!   and really when we’re in a good place what they say won’t bother us.

This isn’t their normal   it’s not usually on purpose or pre-thought out. The judger didn’t wake up in the morning with the plan to hurt you.

They just hit on an insecurity we’re already feeling ourselves and we felt judged, there is no magic fix.   Time will help , time to adjust to your new life,  time to come to terms with the changes.  I still grieve the loss of a life I thought was mine.

Take a moment   The next time you’re feeling judged,  take a moment to understand why. Look at the judger and understand why they judged,  where it came from, what made them say those things and why it hurt.  Look honestly at yourself, was it really a judgement or are you just in a really low place and it felt that way.

We’re not so special    everyone gets criticized.  We weren’t singled out…  Those judgers judge all day, watch them!

Sometimes we’re more susceptible to feeling this way!    But sometimes we need to tell the judger to get lost!

This is it!  This is my life and when a part of me doesn’t feel I’m living it to the best of my abilities then I have to change that.  I have to find the things that fill up my tank and feed my soul, find the things I can do!!!  Then really what others say won’t matter because I feel good about what I’m doing.

Let me know what runs through your head when feeling judged? How do you turn it around?